Opals and Semi-precious stones…

…Australian opals cut and polished  in South Devon, UK.

Australian opals are incredibly varied and can be exceptionally beautiful. Here at Petros Rocks, I take rough opal (and occasionally semi precious stones) then cut and polish them to show the hidden colour and fire. The ultimate fate of these stones will likely be in the hands of a jeweller, gold or silversmith.

Stone types I use range from the milky white through to crystal, dark grey and and even black opals.  Some are full of colour, others have streaks cutting through dark ironstone. They’ll usually have come from Australia and I tend to  work on rough from the Lightning Ridge, Coober Pedy,  Opaltron, Yowah, Koroit and Quilpie opal fields.  Colours range from some single, double through to a dazzling array.  These colours can move, glide and scintillate  with  subtle glimmers to brilliant  and vibrant rolling flash rainbows.  I mainly produce ‘solid’ opals, but I also make some doublets too.  Where this is the case, the blog entry will always show where I’ve done this. 

Please have a look at my work on this Blog-Website  and feel free to comment.  All the opals and stones you see here have been worked on by me in my barn here in South Devon.  I call it Petros Rocks after my name, Peter

If you have any queries about particular stones, please feel free to email me!