Red rolling flash

Mainly red rolling flash solid!

This solid opal is from rough from Coober Pedy, an area known as ‘Diggers Gully’.  A very attractive stone.  This was showing it’s colour flash through the ‘skin’ in it’s rough opal state.

I took my time cutting this one.  There was some sand in the side which I’ve removed.  It’s always a fight when you have patches of bedrock or material in the body.  Sometimes it can be left and adds a uniqueness to the opal.  In this case, it needed to come out! I had to lose some weight but it was worth it. 

Besides the broad red rolling flash , there is also orange, yellow blue and green in this opal.

Cutting the back gave yet more flashes of red fire !

I’ve taken the photographs in a near daylight with an artificial source. Please feel free to comment on the post and photographs.