Red rolling flash

Marquise crystal opal loose

Marquise type solid opal

As soon as the skin had been cut back, even with a low grit, the colours were bouncing back off the wheel. It’s well covered, with pieces of  floating and sunken multi colour along with a rolling flash of golden yellow under artificial natural light.

Cutting back potch and sand, the shape evolved to a Marquise type shape. The stone slopes thinner to one side at one ‘end’. However , this is such a lovely stone with clear bright colours,  that set correctly, would make a stunning piece.  I’d play with a darkened setting, but even resting ‘as is’ on a finger, it looks lovely. There is a small inclusion to one side but this is not on the face. Again, correct setting would render this invisible.

 I did enjoy working on this piece of crystal opal. It’s around 14mm x 6.4mm, 2 – 1.6 mm deep and weighs 1.1 carats.

My photography skills don’t do justice to it!

I’ve taken the photographs in a near daylight with an artificial source. Please feel free to comment on the post and photographs.

1 thought on “Marquise type solid crystal opal

  1. Chessie Winter says:

    Great website and the opals are rather beautiful. They seem to be far more individual than other stones, each with their own personality. It’s great to be able to see the colours and flashes of fire emerge as the stones turn.

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