Multi coloured fossil opal with rolling flash,

A multi coloured solid fossil opal with an additional rolling flash. This loose stone ranges from about 2mm thick to about 1.5mm.  Size wise it’s around 12 -10mm and weighs in at 1.65 carats.

It looks like this was originally some type of shellfish where in the fossilization stage, the shell has been replaced by opal. It comes from Coober Pedy and the area known as  ‘Diggers Gully’.

Due to the initial shape of the shell, this took some time to cut but as you can see,  it polished up very well.

I haven’t really been able to do this stone justice with the photography. clarity and colour of the flashes aren’t as sharp as in ‘real life’  but I’m sure you get the idea! The back of the stone, although not polished, gives a lovely golden yellow broad flash.

I’ve taken the photographs in a near daylight with an artificial source. Please feel free to comment on the post and photographs.


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